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Create Your Own Internet Site

How to Create Your Own Internet Site . . . for very little money

I have been asked a few times on how hard it was to create this site, and to be honest it isn’t terribly hard. So this page is here to show you how I did it. Feel free to copy and share, if you learn something that would make this site better, let me know. Thanks.

First, if you are considering creating an online business for fun or to make a little extra income, I strongly recommend reading The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. Very inspiring, and full of the details on how to get it done. Although I really like my job right now, I do look forward to the future where I will have met my career goals and want a new challenge. For now, I use the 4-Hour Work Week as a guide on how to be successful as a hospital pharmacy manager AND run a small online business helping people become pharmacy technicians, all while not sacrificing my family time.

More of the nuts and bolts: First, you need to decide your niche (what you want to write about, teach, review, etc) and then choose a domain name (website name) that makes sense. If you are struggling with this, then you can check out the Turnkey Sonicpoint sites by clicking on the link below in resources. The biggest thing is to pick something and try it. If you don’t like it, it will cost you $10 or less to try something different, it is more important to get going so you can start learning.

When choosing a domain name, you can think of something creative that you can build a brand on (eg, godaddy.com) or you can incorporate your business details into the name (eg, pharmacist.com). The latter will help give you a little more search engine (eg, Google) power, but the names are typically longer and not as smooth. To see how you would go about identifying keywords that people are searching for, see my video of me finding my job search website name.

Once you decide on a domain name (website name), you need to see if it is available. I like to use 1and1.com or bluehost.com. They will show you alternatives if your desired site name is taken (this is also shown in the video above). Bluehost currently offers $5.95/month hosting for the first year, and it comes with your domain name. So, for $74 you can be up and running (occasionally, the cost drops even lower). I video the purchase of a domain name as well so you can see how easy it really is.

Once you have your hosting and domain name, for Bluehost, you go to your c-panel and click on WordPress and install it. Viola, you have a website. You can type in your website address and you are on the internet. Although, you have a generic website with no information. First, go into your admin WordPress section and edit your Theme. WordPress offers thousands of free themes, you can also look for premium themes that will have a fee.

Spend some time in your admin section and edit your “general” settings. Edit the post, page, and comment that are examples for you. Now you should not lose any steam and create your first post to let people know you are here.

More to come. . .

FYI: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link for a company or a product that will give me a commission for sending business there way. In most cases, it is behind the scenes and does not cost the client/customer anymore than if they went directly to the website. For my own ethics, I only provide links (affiliate or not) for companies or products I have used or thoroughly researched. The FTC does require you to provide information as I am doing here.

Here are some great resources:

BluehostWebsite hosting with domain name at a great price. I researched for a long time before I chose Bluehost. They have great pricing ($5.95/month) and a lot of tools to help a novice (like me) get a website up and running.

WordPressFree website design with a blog style format. There are a lot of sites that will sell you templates for a website; however, WordPress provides a lot of templates for free. That is a price I like!

The Best Spinner This is a cool tool that allows you to take one article and spin it into multiple unique articles. Why you ask? Becuase many article submission sites will not let you submit the same article to more than one site. There is some argument that a spun article is the same article, however, if it is a good article and you want to share it with as many people as possible (and sharing it improves peoples lives because your content is good), then a mechanism for dealing with sites that only allow you to post unique content is a good option.

Turnkey sites for quick start at SonicPoint. – This is a quick way to get a site up and running for a crazy low amount of cash. It was so low, I bought one site just so I can have a place to send people to for job outlook. Use code AF20 to get a 20% discount.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital DeliveryOnce you develop a product, E-junkie provides a low cost way to create a shopping cart and provide order fulfillment for e-products (yes, it is all automated, so you do not have to manually send out e-products . . . Awesome!)

The 4-Hour Work Week is a fantastic book (as I mentioned above). A must read. I recommending owning this one, but if you are keeping costs down to an absolute minimum, then stick this in your Amazon Wish List and rent it at the library so you can see firsthand how good it is.

Crush It has been an inspiring book for me. Gary Vaynerchuck lays it on the line and provides an outline of how to Crush It in the online world. If you are considering an online business or simply want to learn how to market yourself, this book is a must read.


Total Traffic Tutorial – This is a fairly low cost traffic system that I am trialing.