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Pharmacy Technician University & Letter

Pharmacy Technician Letter & Pharmacy Technician University Special Pricing for Pharmacy Technician HQ

Pharm tech letter and univWe are happy to announce that our friends at Therapeutic Research Center have offered subscribers to Pharmacy Technician Headquarters incredible savings on their two feature products for pharmacy technicians, Pharmacy Technician’s Letter™ AND Pharmacy Technician University™ (SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS).

As a pharmacist, I have subscribed and read both the Medical Letter™ and Pharmacist Letter™, which are also products provided by Therapeutic Research Center. They provide concise up to date information and their monthly CE online is fantastic (you will see below that they also offer accredited pharmacy technician CE). I first learned about Pharmacy Technician’s Letter fro one of our fellow community members after I wrote the article “Top 5 Pharmacy Technician Websites.” I intentionally left off this site as that would be self serving, but it was pointed out that I left off Pharmacy Technician’s Letter as well. In fact here is the comment: “Hi Rob, I subscribe to Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, I was surprised not to see that on the list.I have been a CPhT since 2003. I really like your site you have lots of great info! Best, Karen.” First of all, thank you Karen for letting us know about Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, and second, thank you for the positive feedback.

Since that comment, I have been working on securing a discount for our blog readers for the Pharmacy Technician’s Letter, which we have done. Then, Therapeutic Research Center came out with Pharmacy Technician’s University. I asked if we could work out a discount for that, and they came through big. See the information below on how to access these great discounts.

Pharmacy Technician’s Letter helps you to prevent serious errors and build efficacy in the pharmacy. Pharmacy Technician’s Letter alerts you to potential problems to help avoid mistakes. PLUS, it gives you all the CE you need for state and national requirements.

Your subscription to Pharmacy Technician’s Letter includes:

  • Monthly Letter in the mail, online, and on your mobile device
  • All CE needed for any state, and for recertification (PTCB, ExCPT, etc.) including LIVE CE, plus your own Tech’s CE & Training Organizer
  • Helpful Technician Resources like SIG codes and drug abbreviations
  • Technician Training Tutorials on topics like billing, reconstitution, labeling, etc.
  • Audio pronunciations so you actually HEAR how to pronounce new or difficult drug names…and much more

Pharmacy Technicians Headquarters has worked with Pharmacy Technician’s Letter to offer access for $57 (reg. $77). To purchase at the discounted rate, simply subscribe to our newsletter and free eBook to the right. You will receive a welcome email with the eBook attached and your discount codes in the email.

Pharmacy Technicians University is a cutting-edge educational system that makes learning fun and remembering easy, while teaching enrollees everything they need to know to become a safe, efficient pharmacy technician. And, our approach to learning will help enrollees be well prepared to pass any national certification exam, as well as state exams.

Pharmacy Technicians Headquarters has worked with Pharmacy Technicians University to offer the program for $150 (currently $480, reg. $960). Enroll at the discounted rate by subscribing to our newsletter and free eBook to the right. You will receive a welcome email with the eBook attached and your discount codes in the email.

Seriously, I had to email Therapeutic Research Center three times to make sure this was the right price. I personally think it is way too low, but I am so excited that they are sharing this price with us. I hope the $150 lasts for a long time, but I am guessing it will not, so I would take the opportunity while you can.