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PT Schools Online VS Campus (#4) – Become a Pharmacy Technician Podcast

Online vs Campus Schools (Pharmacy Technician)

*Show Links:*
Pharmacy Tech Schools by State & Requirements by State page
Career Step – Online training program
Penn Foster – Online training program

*Show Notes:*
Summary: In this podcast, our main topic was online versus campus based pharmacy technician schools. Here are points of consideration covered:
-Can you: Some states do not allow for online programs, and you must complete a campus based program. (many states require neither)
-Cost: Online programs are significantly less cost than campus based programs. They do not have to pay for a building and teachers (their overhead cost is less).
-Live feedback: Online programs lose that ability to raise your hand and have immediate feedback when you do not understand something. You can’t alter the lecture to help you when you do not understand a concept.
-Self motivation: If you are not self-motivated, you can’t do an online program.
-How the online programs work:Schools like Career Step have a true online training program that is an interactive learning session. Schools like Penn Foster (which is the lowest cost) is more of a read this material and take this test online when you are done.

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