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Pharmacy Technician Certification

A Pharmacy Manager’s Take on Pharmacy Technician Certification

There is more specific information about obtaining national certification at the national certification page, but I want to talk about why you should do it in a little more detail.

If you are in a state that requires national certification, then you have to do it. If you are not, then you have a choice. I recommend you choose to get it. It will set you apart from those that do not, and you never know if you will move to a different state that does require it. As a pharmacy manager, it lets me know that you have met a minimum level of knowledge because you passed an exam that tests you to this base level of knowledge.

What else? It just sounds good! Nationally certified!!! I am right, aren’t I? I mean, that sounds better than, I am a registered technician in South Dakota (nothing against folks in South Dakota). You get to use CPhT after your name as a designation that you are certified. This adds a level of legitimacy. My opinion, but hey, I am just a guy who hires a lot of technicians for my job, what do I know. For links to the PTCB and ExCPT websites, and my recommended study guides, go to the Certification Page.

In the end, just do it. It isn’t massively expensive or time consuming.