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PT Job Interview (#5) – Become a Pharmacy Technician Podcast

Pharmacy Technician Job Interview

*Show Notes:*
Summary: In this podcast, our main topic was preparing for and what to do in a pharmacy technician interview. Here are points of consideration covered:
– Have a well prepared resume, and bring copies to the interview. You are more likely to obtain an interview if you have experience working or training in a similar type of pharmacy site (eg, hospital).
– Dress: Wear business dress. Guys – where a suit if you can, if not at least a collard shirt and tie (no jeans). Ladies – business slacks with a blouse top. Tone down any extreme looks (eg, remove extraneous piercings).
– Do some background research on the companies website to learn more about them.
-When asked a specific question, answer the question with a specific example. Nothing is more frustrating then broad generalizations for answers.
-Don’t beg at the end or seem too desperate. End with a thank you for your time and I hope to work with you someday, hopefully soon.

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