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Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook

Emailed pharmacy technician question

We frequently receive questions via email and we typically post them as comments so everyone can see them. One recent email asked two specific questions that we covered many posts ago and felt that it is worth covering again especially in light of today’s economy. (Questions posted by John, JourneyBegan1987 – yes I asked him what journey began in 1987, thanks for the questions John)

How is the outlook for pharmacist tech jobs in the near future? The outlook for pharmacy technicians in the future is pretty good. Here is why:
1) The healthcare field will at least hold steady and most likely grow in the future due to the aging baby boomers. 2) The pharmacy technician’s role is being more rapidly expanded to complete the operational pharmacy tasks to allow for more clinical oriented tasks by the high-cost pharmacist. At my hospital we add automation in the pharmacy to allow for more technicians and less pharmacists. In my state , we are also approaching the Board of Pharmacy to entertain the idea of tech-check-tech (which is something we did in the military 18 years ago). 3) Many pharmacy technicians use the job as a stepping stone to become a pharmacist or other higher degree career.

How much can one expect to make at their salary cap (I know it depends where you are but let’s say it’s in a hospital)? It really does depend on you and where you work. In retail, you are probably talking about $20/hour ($42K/year). In hospital, closer to $23/hour ($48K/year). As I mentioned before, we have technicians who get into database management and supply chain (purchasing) that do even better. To get to the max of these ranges will take many years, but it is attainable for career minded pharmacy technicians who work for larger companies.

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