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Pharmacy Technician – Go For It!

I frequently answer pharmacy technician related questions on various question and answer sites. The one thing that frequently comes up is “should I do it,” typically regarding pharmacy technician training or pharmacy technician certification. Well, the answer is yes. Whatever it is, do your research (thorough, but quick) and make a decision. There is something that I have run across during my training and experience, and it is “Analysis Paralysis.” We are afraid of making the wrong decision, so we make no decision. Can I just say that no decision is often the wrong decision.

I should clarify, making a decision doesn’t necessarily mean taking the first pharmacy technician school you come across and forking over your hard earned (or not even earned yet) money. If your state requires formal training or you have decided to go after formal training to set your self up for success, then take a look at as many options as you can around you. From this website, you can check out your state’s requirements and some of the schools in your state, hopefully you have already done this, if not then go there now. In addition to the schools I have listed, also check out your local community colleges. Take action by calling and visiting the schools. Talk to current students. Call a pharmacy and ask which program has the best trained techs. Do your research and then yes, make a decision and go for it.

This goes for national certification as well. Whether you are completing a formal training program or not, get a study guide and actually read it. From experience, the test is hard, but not too bad if you read the study guide. For a list of good study guides, you can see my recommendations on the certification page. Pick up one of the guides I recommend or pay a little more for the one at PTCB.org. In this case, I recommend all techs obtain national certification. So, get a book (unless you are in a formal training program and they have focused on passing the exam as part of your curriculum) and read it, study it, own the information. I strongly consider paying for the practice exam at PTCB so you can see first hand how the questions are (plus, they are very close to the actual questions you’ll get).

Okay, I hope you get the message . . . no analysis paralysis. Make a decision and go for it!

Best of luck all, -Rob

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