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Pharmacy Technician August Update

The August update for Pharmacy Technician HQ

We focus a lot on careers and jobs at Pharmacy Technician HQ. I honestly feel that we need to work hard and do the best we can at work. Not because that is our ultimate goal, rather it affords us opportunities to feel good about what we do AND provide a means to enjoy the other aspects of life. One of these aspects for me is our annual trip with my family to the Teton National Park (near Yellowstone). We rent a cabin just east of the Teton mountain range. The picture you see is from the porch of our cabin, I took it early in the morning as I relaxed in the cool morning air, with a book, hot cocoa, and kids still sleeping. This is why we do what we do.

Did I make my PTCB practice test goal for July? Your dang skippy I did. I will be honest, it was July 31st and I still had a few more questions to go. I stayed up after watching some Olympics and got it done with an hour to spare. As a reminder, I set a goal early in July to get the test question count up to 25. Done! My goal for August is to now get it up to 50. How you can use this same strategy to obtain your goals: By stating publicly your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. If you tell your parents, friends, significant other, and the entire world via Facebook or this blog that you will complete your pharmacy technician training or certification by a certain date, then you will more likely get it done. Even better sometimes is to do it with w friend and have a friendly competition with a wager on who gets it done first. Try it and see what happens.

Additional writer for Pharmacy Technician HQ: I have recently reached out to one of my friends to help write additional content for this site. I would like to introduce LeeAnne. She is a long-term care pharmacist (she is writing a page that explains what long-term care pharmacy is about (we’ll have it loaded on the “About Pharm Techs” tab above soon). LeeAnne received her PharmD from the university of Utah in 2001. She has been working in long-term care pharmacy for 15 years. She will offer a unique perspective into a little known field of pharmacy that can be very rewarding to work in. (Update: Her Long-term care pharmacy technician post is on the page and is epic, great information)

Career Step online program offer for August: Well, this month seems like the best offer yet. When you register for the Career Step program you can choose between a free laptop or iPad2. I think I would go for the iPad2, but it is your call. You can learn more on the Career Step page.

Aloha, -Rob