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Pharmacy Technician – Attention to Detail (and a PTHQ Update)

Do you possess good Attention to Detail? If so, Pharmacy Technician may be right for you!

Pharmacy Technician FocusOne thing I look for in my pharmacy technicians is the ability to focus on the details. When we are dealing with drugs and doses, there is always the possibility that one small error could lead to harm or even death in a patient. I can tell you from first hand experience that being part of an error that harms a patient may possibly be one of the hardest trials you deal with in your career. You will go back and replay what happened and what you could have done to prevent it, often the answer is that you could have focused more on what you were doing, decreased distractions, and looked for the details. Trust me, I get it, it is hard to stay on task while at work all the time. We build friendships at work and we shoot the bull (slang for we talk about stuff), which is a good thing, but when you receive a label or a prescription, then it is time to “time out” from the social interactions and focus on the job at hand. Patients count on us to provide them the right medication at the right dose. I have mentioned it before, but one thing I am seeing these days is distractions from the cell phone. The texting and multitude of apps on phones (trust me I know, I am playing Clash of Clans with my son) provide more distractions and temptations than we have ever had previously. What I try and instill in my team is that our patients comes first and with the exception of break time, leave the phones alone. This is so critical if you are doing an externship, because your supervisors are watching and showing that you can focus on the work at hand and not be distracted will help you land that job when you are done.

Pharmacy Technician HQ Update: First, I want apologize for the lengthy time in between articles. I have been working my pharmacy director job and CEO of Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions, a 340B Management company. Turnkey has been very busy as of late and I have had to make a decision if I want to keep doing both. I have officially resigned from my pharmacy director position and will be full-time with Turnkey. I will be hiring techs (before you email me, I am already looking at techs I have worked with who I feel very good about bringing over). Which is why you want to always leave a good impression with those you work with, you never know when your next opportunity will come. we are also planning to open our own retail pharmacy in the next year. All of this will provide some great information for this site. This move will also provide me the opportunity to complete some planned ideas for this site, including a low cost PTCB eBook training guide, building the PTCB practice test to 100 questions, more math posts for the difficult math concepts, and providing some hands on support for resume and cover letters for applications. If you have things you would like to see, please let me know.

Thank you, -Rob