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Pennsylvania Pharmacy Technician Registration Bill

Pennsylvania will likely have new law pass in 2012 to begin pharmacy technician registration

There are 23 states left that do not require training or PTCB to become registered or licensed in the state (you can see you state specifics on the State Info page). Four of these states do recognize national certification and increase the pharmacist to tech ratio for these techs. This leaves 19 states that have no PTCB or formal education requirement. Six states do nothing at all (ie, no registration, licensing, approval).

It appears that Pennsylvania state Representative Anthony DeLuca will most likely get the state pharmacy practice act amended to require formal training from a state board approved program and national certification. The Bill is House Bill 320. If passed, the bill allows for a 2-year grace period to let current pharmacy technicians obtain their national certification and show that they have worked at least 2000 hours in the last 3 years (prior to the bill becoming a law). The bill also creates a “pharmacy technician trainee” registration that can be issued to people enrolled in an approved pharmacy technician program. This trainee registration will only be good for a year and may only be issued once (there is a one-time 6-month extension available).

What this means for you: If you live in Pennsylvania, you will most likely not be able to get 2000 hours in prior to the bill being enacted, so go find a pharmacy technician program in your state and ask them if they know about the bill. Most programs in the state will probably get the approval from the board of pharmacy. You could also start working on your national PTCB certification, since you will need it anyway. This will overtime reduce the supply of technicians in your state, and will likely result in increased pay. For those in other states, well if you are one of the 18 states left, your time is probably short to have little to no requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician. I would get in now, get your national certification, and get your hours in so you can be grandfathered in when your time comes. For most of us, we are already there.

So, what states are left with no registration: Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The states with no training or national certification requirements but do register their technicians: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia*, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota*, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina*, Ohio (“approves” technicians and requires an exam), Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee*, and Vermont.
(*If a tech is nationally certified, the pharmacist to tech ratio is increased)