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Pharmacy Technician HQ October Update

Pharmacy Technician Certification Help Coming Soon

There are a couple of things going on with Pharmacy Technician HQ. First, I have begun the creation of a PTCB national pharmacy technician study guide that will be more than the hard copy guide you can buy and read. Working with pharmacy technicians, it is clear that a guide needs to be able to teach you in multiple ways. Not everyone learns by reading alone. Some people like to hear it or visualize the concepts. Interactive learning also seems to keep someones attention more. In addition, a simple book does not utilize the technology of iPads, laptops, or the internet. The goal with our guide will be to give you an electronic training solution that can be read as a standalone document, but will have links to audio, video, and quizzes. We should be done by the end of the year. For a few select readers of Pharmacy Technician HQ, we will offer free versions to test out. If you want to get on this list, please email me and let me know.

Next, a fellow friend, colleague, and pharmacy director has joined Pharmacy Technician HQ. I would like to introduce Dallas. He has been a director for about eight years and is as passionate about taking care of our pharmacy technicians as I am. When I helped develop the pharmacy technician career ladder for our company, he was one of the first pharmacy directors to really embrace it and advance his pharmacy technicians through the career ladder, which resulted in higher functioning technicians with more pay (and hopefully more job satisfaction). We’ll have him add a picture and bio to the about page so you can learn more from Dallas. Our first endeavor is to finish the interactive electronic PTCB guide and then we will go from there.

Something I shared with one of my staff. Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and focused at work. When you get comfortable, it is often easy to let up and slow down. It happens slowly over time and from a manager’s perspective, a once hard working staff member has become less productive and not engaged at work. The thing to think about . . . Your pharmacy is paying for your time. If you are a traditional 40 hour per week employee working 8 hour days, then your employer is basically “renting” your time for eight hours a day. They are often paying you an acceptable sum of dollars for those eight hours, of which you deemed acceptable by taking the job. When your day gets tough and you don’t feel like working, remember that it is not your time, but your employer’s time they rented from you. Make good on it and you will be rewarded. Misuse that time and a good employer will hold you accountable.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has left comments on the site and who have asked very good questions. I can tell our community is growing and I am very excited about that. We endeavor to provide the best information anywhere from experts who really know the ins and outs of pharmacy practice. Based on many of the comments, we are hitting that goal. Thank you again. -Rob

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