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Happy New Year

Happy New Year! -Pharmacy Technician HQ

Pharmacy Technician New Year 2013
Happy New Year everyone. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. If Christmas is not your thing, then I hope you have enjoyed your December. Wow, I cannot believe how fast 2012 went by. I like to look back at the previous year and see what we accomplished. We were able to write 15 articles, update our state requirements pages, start our PTCB practice exam (it does need more questions, but we have it started), loaded a more helpful pharmacy technician school search program, answered numerous questions from comments and via email, added a free eBook and newsletter/subscriber option, and we had over 70,000 page views in 2012 (over double what we saw in 2011). If you are like me, there were a lot of things you were able to accomplish, and unfortunately a lot of things you just couldn’t get to. Well, get out that pen and paper and set some goals for 2013. Make them realistic, and try not to make so many that you will struggle to get to them all. Here is my attempt for Pharmacy Technician HQ:

  • Get up to 100 questions on the PTCB Practice Exam.
  • Continue to work on negotiations for discounts on Pharmacy Technician discounts for technicians in training AND for current pharmacy technicians (I am close on one, more to come once we get it).
  • Put out about two articles per month (ideally one by a guest poster like we have had with Michael), with a total of 22 articles in 2013 (provides a cushion of two for busy months).
  • Complete our very own PTCB study guide (make it an eBook and very affordable-I will likely ask some of you to review it, free of charge of course).

What about you? If you are looking at a career change or starting your career, pick some goals that will help you get to your goal. Try to break down big goals (e.g., become a pharmacy technician, get into pharmacy school, landing a pharmacy technician job in a hospital) into smaller goals. If you are looking into becoming a pharmacy technician, then set small attainable goals such as: 1) identify requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician in my state and create plan and timeline for achieving them, 2) identify dates for PTCB national pharmacy technician certification near my city and registration deadline for taking exam on the date you choose (this will give you specific targets), 3) Obtain PTCB study guide or enroll in formal pharmacy technician training program, and 4) complete pharmacy technician registration by “date of your choice based on what you have learned about how long it will take, and apply for at least five open pharmacy technician positions. By breaking up a big goal into smaller specific, attainable, timely, and measurable goals; you will be more likely to achieve them. I also find that being able to cross off the smaller goals has some satisfaction that provides motivation to complete the next one (not unlike my “Honey Do” list my wife has for me).

Alright, that should keep us busy. I have been answering a ton of questions by email on calculations, and may need to do some articles just on pharmacy technician math, but we will see what the needs are out there and what kinds of “life experience” happens next year.

I would still love to hear from you. What are your needs, what would you like to see on this site that would be more helpful, and if you have come up with some goals for yourself, let us know. Social decelerations are also good motivation for achieving your goals. Welcome to 2013. Aloha, -Rob