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Pharmacy Technician Articles and Blog Posts by Category

About Pharmacy Technicians

– Pharmacy Technician – Job Or Healthcare Career Stepping Stone? (explains the two main types of people who become pharmacy technicians, and both are good for the profession)
– Pharmacy Technician Career in the News (Yahoo recently put out two articles on a career as a pharmacy technician)
-Best Free Pharmacy App for Pharmacy Technicians
– Pennsylvania Pharmacy Technician Registration Bill (another state creates more rigorous requirements for becoming a pharmacy technician, this is the trend and will most likely reach all states in the next 5 years)
– Tech-Check-Tech . . . Is it coming for pharmacy technicians (some states are moving towards this, my state is considering it)
– Top 5 Pharmacy Technician Websites (We list the top 5 sites for pharmacy technicians that you should at least know about)
– Pharmacy Technician HQ August Update (Sharing the GOYA principle . . . you have to read to find out)
– Pharmacy Technician IT and Pharmacy School Q&A (Discusses a unique pharmacy technician role that has often resulted in a nice career for many pharmacy technicians I know)

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

– How to Become a Pharmacy Technician (This breaks it down by steps you can follow)
– Pharmacy Technician Career Insight/Christmas Post (with more personal information)
– Pharmacy Technician – Go For It (if you are trying to decide, this is a must read)

Pharmacy Technician Certification and Registration

– Pharmacy Technician National Certification (Let me help you, yes you need to obtain your national certification, but read on if you need a little more of a push)
– Pharmacy Technician Certification (with more personal commentary)
– Pharmacy Technician HQ October Update (Announcement that the national certification guide is coming)

Pharmacy Technician Job

– Three Strategies for Getting a Job (You don’t have to do all three, but if you do . . . you will be very competitive, as long as you actually do it)
– Pharmacy Technician Internship (if you are in a program or working on obtaining your pharmacy technician license/registration, then you need to read this to set you up for a job)
– Pharmacy Technician Job Market (This post provides you with a quick and easy way to identify jobs in your city)
– Pharmacy Technician Job Outlook (nice breakdown of the future for pharmacy technicians)
– Pharmacy Technician Job Etiquette (This article discusses one of the worst habits you can have at work)

Pharmacy Technician Math

– Pharmacy Technician Math – Converting Percents (this is a fundamental need to know for all pharmacy techs)
– Alligation – Pharmacy Technician Math Video