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Be That Person!

Pharmacy Technician Work Advice


Young pharmacist helping customer in pharmacy with digital tableBe that person. I want to tell you about something that took me years to learn. You can be anyone you want! Have you ever met someone that just had it all together? They are confident and smart and the ones that impress me the most are kind as well. They know what they need to know or they ask questions until they do. Everyone is happy to work with them. I have met them everywhere and for years I figured they were just born that way, or had some sort of mysterious advantage that just didn’t apply to me. Over the years, working with a lot of technicians, I know now that isn’t true. Anyone can be that person! Are you interested? If so, I think these are things that make that difference.

Work hard. No one likes the person that shows up to work and gets the bare minimum done, including your employer. This seems quite obvious but I have been amazed at how hard people will work at not working! When you go to work, remember you are paid to be there, and not just to be there, to accomplish something. Work hard, people will notice, time passes more quickly, and everyone wins. If you finish your work, and the job site allows it, help someone else. There is no faster way to build friendships, and future favors.

Keep it professional. Of course there is conversation at work; it would be pretty unbearable without some personal interaction. But always remember, people judge you on what you say, it is a natural response. Keep your language clean, whether or not you are required to. Word gets around and even if you are careful to keep it clean with your boss, they hear more than you might think. People may laugh and respond to crude or edgy language but again, they are forming an opinion of you. Make sure it is an opinion that will help you if it is ever needed. Potential employers almost always check with previous jobs to see what they are getting if they hire you. Try hard to make sure they like what they hear.

Be optimistic. How many times have you had your mood changed by a coworker? Is there someone you know that always cheers you up or always gets you feeling irritated? One person can make a huge difference in a workplace. Try and see the positive, even if the only positive you can think of is that you have a job at all. Fake it until you really mean it. Although everyone likes to share difficult moments, be careful that every situation you are in doesn’t become something you complain about endlessly. I have worked with more than one person who was civil enough on the phone but the second it was hung up would talk for some time about how terrible the person on the other end was. It is hard to trust this sort of person – what is said about you as soon as you leave? Be the person that cheers everyone up as soon as they get to work. You will enjoy work so much more, your boss will notice, everyone wins.

Of course there are more, but try these! You may be amazed at what a difference it makes for you personally and for those you work with. With any luck, it may even become contagious.

-Annie, PharmD (Annie is a pharmacist that has been working in the pharmacy field for over 15 years)