Who is Rob Nahoopii and Why the Heck is He the Expert All of a Sudden!

Rob NahoopiiIn reality (which is somewhere I do try to live), I don’t claim to be the ultimate source of pharmacy technician knowledge, but I do have the training, experience, and passion for the field of pharmacy and pharmacy technician development. I was a pharmacy technician for over 8 years before starting pharmacy school and becoming a pharmacist. After pharmacy school, I went on to complete a 1st year clinical residency and a 2nd year pharmacy administrative residency. I also completed a Master’s of Science in Pharmacy Administration while I was completing my residencies. During this time, one of my major areas of focus (and my thesis) was on pharmacy technician training. Currently, I am the pharmacy director of a 400 bed community hospital, and the regional director for our south region. I manage many pharmacy techs and play a major part in my health-system’s pharmacy technician development program. I am also a board certified pharmacotherapy specialist (BCPS).

My goal for this website is to share what I know and what I have learned with pharmacy technicians and future pharmacy technicians. The plan is do this free of charge. To help pay for the website and future tools I would like to develop (I have some cool ideas), some of the links on the website do have some possible revenue generation (for instance, the Amazon book links will result in a small percent (it is 4%) of commission). Here is my request, if you are interested in any of the links, then click on them. If you are not, then don’t. I hope the end result is a win-win for both of us.

Finally, I hope to make this an interactive website where people can post questions and I can answer them. If we ever reach a point that we need a forum, then I would love to create one. We have a fair amount of forums for pharmacists and I think a place for techs to come and just shoot the breeze about anything would be great.

Let me know how I am doing and what you would like to see. Thank you,

-Rob Nahoopii, PharmD, MS, BCPS (Previous CPhT)

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  1. I wouldl like to gain additional data from you regarding my dissertation topic relating to pharmacy technicians. Do you have an email that we can discuss? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Rob,
    Utah wow, so different from Kona! I have been a CPhT since 2003. I now live in Kona! I'd really like to branch out to hospital work, but I am rusty on all that has to do with it since I've been working in retail so long. I'd like to re- take the hospital portion of some Pharmacy Tech course to brush up before applying, do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Karen,In Kona, I do miss it there. My parents still live in Koloko (I grew up in Kealakehe), and my sister lives in Waimea. I make it back about every 2 years, and it seems to always change a little. It is odd, some things are just the way I remember it, but then so many things are new or different. That is a great question. I do not know of any hospital specific refresher course. It seems like a need we have in our profession. I have a bunch of projects going (and I really need to beef up the PTCB practice exam). I will look around to see what I can find. One option you could try is to see if you can volunteer at the Kona or Waimea hospital to gain some experience. If you do well they may keep you on as PRN if they can (unfortunately, we are restricted on how many staff we can fold on to, and this includes PRN or per-diem staff). If you have any specific questions on hospital pharmacy work, please send them on, I don't mind helping out my local folks.Aloha,Rob Nahoopii

    • I would go with the MoMetrix one on the National Certification page. They offer a one year money back and is a good price at $30. Best of luck,