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Pharmacy Technician Work Etiquette

One thing you should not do at work!

What I am about to share is not a new concept. I have mentioned it before when I discuss things you should and should not do when externing (you can go back and read that article here). So what is it . . . constantly being on your smart phone (or cell phone). Picture yourself as a patient in a hospital, or visiting a family member in a hospital. What message do you get when you see hospital employees walking around texting and talking on their cell phones? It looks very unprofessional and as if you have so many better things to be doing than be at work. In today’s competitive healthcare environment, we cannot afford to have our staff give any perceptions of lack of caring or ambivalence to patient care. We need to walk the halls looking for opportunities to help and greet our patients and families. We need to be about work when at work. You have the rest of your day and your lunch break to text and talk to friends and family. If you have an emergency that cannot wait, then let your supervisor know and take a 10 or 15 minute break to deal with it.

From my perspective, this is a total deal breaker for someone trying to get a job, and something that will hurt staff who are trying to get a better job. In fact, it will even lead to disciplinary action and possible loss of a job. So think about it, if it were your company, how would you want your staff to act? If you were the patient, what would give you more assurance that the staff care about what they do?

I share these ideas with you so that you can be a better technician, get the job you want, and be an effective member of a team. I believe pharmacy can be very rewarding, I felt this way as a tech for over 8 years. Take your career/job seriously, and it will be rewarding for you too.

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