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Pharmacy Technician Help

A great online pharmacy technician program (Rob provided the clinical reviews for the modules in this program, so at least we know it accurately reflects what goes on in a real pharmacy). I only recommend things I either use or had the chance to review. As far as online programs go, Career Step has one of the most thorough programs available. The training you receive is through their online site and they utilize multiple methods for making the learning process more interactive. They also devote a lot of time to improving your typing skills, which is a critical skill that will serve you well in your career.

This is my recommended study guide for PTCB national certification. Mometrix does a really good job providing you with all the information you need, additional study helps (they throw in 11 bonus items to help you study and pass the exam), free updates if the study guide changes to keep up with changes in the PTCB exam, and they offer a 1 year 100% money back guarantee. In addition to the study guide, they also offer a PTCB flash card set (they have flash carded everything). To find the study guide and flash cards, click on the study guide to the left and you will go to the Mometrix website. The top right has a search box, search for “PTCB” and the first two options will be the study guide and the flashcards. This guide is Rob approved!

National exam study guides – Here are some additional study guides that have decent reviews. If you have particular trouble with calculations, get the book by Mike Johnston. If you need help with a specific calculation or formula, send us a message and we will help you out (I love the allegation questions, they are fun).

Website Creation Resources

BluehostWebsite hosting with domain name at a great price. I researched for a long time before I chose Bluehost. They have great pricing ($6.95/month) and a lot of tools to help a novice (like me) get a website up and running.

WordPressFree website design with a blog style format. There are a lot of sites that will sell you templates for a website; however, WordPress provides a lot of templates for free. That is a price I like!

The Best Spinner This is a cool tool that allows you to take one article and spin it into multiple unique articles. Why you ask? Because many article submission sites will not let you submit the same article to more than one site. There is some argument that a spun article is the same article, however, if it is a good article and you want to share it with as many people as possible (and sharing it improves peoples lives because your content is good), then a mechanism for dealing with sites that only allow you to post unique content is a good option.

Crush It has been an inspiring book for me. Gary Vaynerchuck lays it on the line and provides an outline of how to Crush It in the online world. If you are considering an online business or simply want to learn how to market yourself, this book is a must read.

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  1. Hello. I am wishing to become a pharmacy technician in the state of California. I have obtained my bachelor's of science degree but I want to study pharm tech. However, I have not gone to school for it and I want to just take the test right away. Do you think the books that you have recommended on your resources section will be enough to pass the test? Which ones out of all of them are best? I don't know if I should get them all. Thank you so much for your help.

    • Hi Ling, I like the Mosby's exam the best for those who need to study for the exam without formal training. It is comprehensive and has many practice questions.

  2. HI Rob
    I am a Canadian Certified Pharmacy Technician from Ontario. I have joined your Web for studying purposes and only wish there were more than one Quiz to take. I am studying for my PEBC's this year and enjoy reviewing on -line. Some of the schedules are different but much of the other information is the same or similar.


    • Hi Mary, I hope to get more quiz questions up in the next couple of months. My regular job (Pharmacy Director), my other side business, and family are keeping me busy at the moment. I would love to incorporate some Canadian pharmacy technician stuff, I may need some help with that.

  3. My friend passed with this guide. Although, it was 3 years ago. I am concerned about studying with a not so up to date guide. Before I consider buying a newer version, what changes are found in newer editions? I have been searching local bookstores in my area to find out but have had no luck. Most of them don't even carry pharm tech guides. I usually noticed in college that most textbooks had minor changes from one edition to the next. Do you if this is the case for pharm tech guides? Thank you for help so far.

    • Hi Ricky, You are probably fine. The PTCB test does change a little from year to year, but the general content does not change much. Things like the top 200 drugs will change and you need to make sure you study the new drugs in the top 200, especially new drugs to market.

  4. Hey Rob. Great job with the site. I am interested in becoming a pharmacy technician in California and thanks to the info you have provided, I have a better understanding on getting the process started. My question is about the study guides. I currently have a book called "The Pharmacy Technician" by perspective press that was passed on by a friend. It is the 3rd edition and wanted to ask what you thought about this guide. Is it a good resource to get certified?

    • Hi Ricky, I have seen it, but I have not reviewed it. Did your friend use it to pass the PTCB, how did he do? That might be a good way to see if it is good enough. In the 7 PTCB study guides I have reviewed, I think many of them were good enough. The difference between them and the two I liked the most is up to date content, practice tests, and good calculations teaching methods (since that is sometimes an area people need the most help with). You are likely fine. If you want to be sure, get the Mosby's one I recommend on the Certification page, study it, then sell it on eBay when you are done. Best of luck,

  5. I had a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Philippines.When i get hired to work as a nanny in US i keep doing my research that how i could study abroad.Luckily i found an online course and i decide to enrolled as pharmacy technician.The subject in Pharmacy technician for is not new to me specially drugs ,law,and calculations.What my intention is i could update my medical knowledge because i felt stocked .I really love science subject that's why i enrolled pharmacy tech because is quite affordable by studying online.

    When i finish my course i am looking forward to take the exam to be certified and using the study materials mentioned on this site.

    If ever i will decide to work as a pharmacy technician in US ,is it possible i get hired even if i am a foreigner?

    • Yes, I have hired people who have come from other countries. As long as you can obtain your license or registration for the state you are in you should be okay. In the hospital setting, your nursing background will be really helpful, I would consider trying to get into a hospital pharmacy and focus on your ability to relate and work with nurses (since you were one). Best of luck.