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PTHQ August Update

July was a crazy busy month. I finally got on board with the new microphone and pen pad to start some new pharmacy calculations training. For those of you that are new to this site, I am a pharmacy manager at a 400 bed hospital, well I am not a pharmacy manager anymore. As of the end of this week, I will become a regional pharmacy director for my health system.

What does this mean for Pharmacy Technician HQ? Not too much, I have always had a busy load at work and already give more time than is required (the evidence is in the fact that I was promoted). My goal is to have work life balance and this site is one of my hobbies that I enjoy building. Some have asked how I find time to do both and spend time with my family. I have a wonderful wife and 3 kids, and I spend all the time I can with them from the time I get home until later in the evening. Some nights I choose to work on Pharmacy Technician HQ. One way I have found time is to stop watching so much TV (I wasted so much time in the past watching 3-4 different shows). I now only choose one show to watch (and sports, I love football and basketball).

Why do I tell you this . . . Because I want you to know that even if you are super busy now, there is a good chance you are spending some of your time on activities that you could drop and take that time to do something to improve your life. If you are already working full-time and considering pharmacy technician as a career change, then find the time and do it. If you are already have a job, then consider taking one of your passions and developing a website that can help people. I have started a page on how to do this at pharmacytechnicianhq.com/resourceslinks/website/. I will beef it up more as we go, but a couple of emails asking how I got this site started prompted me to put that page together.

Some people wonder if it is worth my time to work on this site, yes and no. I really do not make a lot from this site. In fact, my net right now is somewhere near 1-2 hours of pharmacist pay per month. In other words, instead of spending about 20 hours a month working on this site, I could go work for 1-2 hours in a pharmacy and make just as much. I do not do it for the money, although it is pretty cool to make some money for doing something you would do for free, and it is an awesome feeling to know that I am building something. With time I hope to create a killer e-book with video and audio links for PTCB certification. After that, I would like to create a top notch online pharmacy technician course, and get it ASHP accredited. I hope to hire some awesome pharmacy technicians to help run the site at that point. So you see, with the couple of hours I could be wasting in front of the TV, I am building something for my future AND doing my best to add value to all those who come and visit the site.

The take away message here is GOYA! (Get Off Your Asset, trying to keep it PG), and start taking advantage of the time you do have. Unless you are totally happy with where you are today, then GOYA and do something about it. Start toward your pharmacy technician career so you can get a stable job for you and your family (if you have one), then think about starting your own website so you too can be building something for your future.

Aloha, -Rob

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