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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Pharmacy Technician Update and Insight

We are in between Christmas and the New Year. I am on my last day of 5 days off, and know I have a lot to do when I get back to work tomorrow. So one post before the new year starts.

I have been answering questions about pharmacy technicians and medicine in Yahoo Answers, and see a common theme. People have no idea about how to become a pharmacy technician. Most people think they have to do a training program and a lot of people think that there is some specific route to take (like get a degree or tech certificate). It is so critical that you find out your exact state’s requirements, since every state is different. I have blogged and written articles about this many times to get the word out. I have seen or at least read (this new online world is a trip some times, you meet people . . sort of) about people who paid over $15k for a training program that their state does not require. I mention in my articles that some state do not require anything or no formal training, and unless you have a solid lead on a job (you know someone who is going to help you out), I recommend a lower cost online program. The best one (Career Step) is about $1200 (a lot less than $15,000) and there are other online/correspondence programs that cost even less (you get less, but enough to feel like you know something the day you walk into a pharmacy). Unless you need a formal program (like some states require), I would strongly consider your other options.

As a pharmacy manager, one thing that I think everyone should have is national certification. This does not cost a lot ($120 for the exam and maybe $40 for a study guide if you do not complete a training program), but will show everyone that you have been tested and meet some minimum standard.

Next year, I plan on creating content on pharmacology and pharmacy calculations. In addition, I hope to begin my endeavor to create an awesome e-book that will help you study for the national certification. My hope is to do this for a cost a lot lower than anything out right now. In addition to the e-book, also make it an audio book (I love to consume books via audio book while I drive to and from work).

Until next year, Aloha -Rob

(Picture provided by Simon Howden)

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