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Pharmacy Technician HQ New Year Update

Welcome to 2012 and the new year!!!

I hope the holidays have been good to you and you are already back to work, school, or being productive somewhere in your pharmacy technician training. In this article, we will cover updates to Pharmacy Technician HQ and a recent question asked by email.

As for me, I have been busy at work. We have a ton of projects going on that I find pretty fun. We are rolling out a new temperature monitoring system (TempTrak if you are curious, a pretty cool product for wireless refrigerator monitoring), POMS (a pharmacy orders management system), and reconstruction of about one third of our pharmacy (okay, this is not fun, and I am sure some of my technicians can’t wait to get our window and dispensing drawer back in use). A couple buddies of mine (also pharmacists) are also looking at opening an outpatient pharmacy. I do plan on staying on at my hospital as the director of pharmacy for at least 5 to 7 years, but I am excited about being a part of a pharmacy business outside of my company I currently work for. This will also lead to more opportunity to get a pharmacy technician course created down the road. Okay enough about my happenings.

I receive a fair amount of questions about moving states. These are often sent by email and are therefore not on any of the comments on the site. I add some of the email questions, but only if they have widespread applicability. A general rule of thumb when obtaining your pharmacy technician registration or license in one state is to think about the possibilities of you moving to a different state. If you are or think you are, research that state as well. You do not want to be caught in a situation where you are working as a pharmacy technician in one state, but cannot become one in a state you move to. One thing to look at is reciprocity, or one state accepting your registration in one state as proof that you have experience enough to not require formal education. Some states will accept work experience if you have worked a predefined amount of hours (I often see 2000 hours as the requirement). In many states national certification is required regardless, so just get it.

To end, it is a new year. If you have been on the fence about a career change or what you want to do with your life. The worst possible decision is no decision at all. Making a choice and completing whatever it takes to reach your goal is what is important. If your goal is a college degree, then enroll in college and do it. If your goal is to work in a pharmacy, then do whatever your state requires and make it happen. Even if you change your mind later, the experience you gain is worth it, and very few things are so permanent that you cannot change course later. If you have read all the articles on this site, you will remember an article titled “GOYA.” It is time to GOYA! Best of luck in all your endeavors in 2012. -Rob

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