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Quarterly Update – February

Quarterly Pharmacy Technician HQ Update

I have been doing a lot of things this past month. For Pharmacy Technician HQ, I have added podcast #4 and started the pharmacy math series. After completing the “percents” post, I realized that doing math on a static sheet is difficult. I have looked into screen capture tablet equipment and software and think I have found my answer. So, look forward to more math posts in the future in a video format with voice over. I think it will be pretty cool (hey, it is all relative). I will show you the ever popular allegation, simple math concepts for totaling prescriptions, and converting mMol, mEq, mOsm, and mg. I know the PTCB and ExCPT exams like to throw out a lot of questions about how much do you need to fill this prescription. So I will work on getting you lots of practice with this. As you can tell, I am now in the phase of helping people who are training to be pharmacy technicians. I will update the how to become a pharmacy technician stuff as needed and maybe have an occasional post, but now it is time to help people learn. If you have any concepts you would like to see covered, please let me know.

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