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March Update and Career Step Tuition Going Up in April

If you are considering Career Step’s Pharmacy Technician program, do it before the end of March.

340B Site - Pharmacy Technician Training
I just received an email yesterday from Career Step that they are raising tuition in April. They did not say by how much, when they do I will add it to the Career Step page. In addition, March has up to 10% off tuition (for up front payment, or 5% off if you are doing the payment plan). Therefore, if you are thinking about doing this program, I would consider signing up now in order to save some money. Here is the direct link to the program: Career Step.

As for me, my hospital pharmacy just had our every three year Joint Commission survey. This survey has a lot of pharmacy involvement, and I need a lot of help from my pharmacy technicians in making sure our medication storage and medication management is compliant with regulations. If you work or are externing in a hospital, this is where monthly inspections of all areas where medications are stored is so very important. We look for expired medications, multi-dose vials that are labeled with beyond use dates, look-alike/sound-alike medications labeled and stored separately, and various other critical medication storage requirements. Every hospital should have a medication unit inspection list, if your does not have one, send me an email (use contact tab above) and I will send you an example.

I also just got back from a 340B conference. 340B is a program that certain hospitals and clinics qualify for based on their percentage of Medicaid patients (it is a little bit more complicated than that, but that is pretty close). If you qualify, you are allowed to buy certain outpatient drugs at a discount, so you can offset the costs of the lower paying patients, you should also increase and expand charity care services. There is a ton of regulation around it, and starting to become a very hot topic. My database pharmacy technician and my pharmacy technician buyer are the two staff I have trained on 340B. For more information on 340B, go to 340BProgram.org. Definitely a great area to consider learning to enhance your resume for hospital work. The picture above is from the conference at the Del Coronado on Coronado Island in San Diego.

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