Thoughts From the Trenches Part 2

Michael’s update with pharmacy technician training

Michael sent this part in an email to me, and I asked for his permission to share (I thought it was good humor considering he could have been flattened). “Erin and I got rear-ended in my Miata by a Ford F-150, Continue reading

Thoughts From the Trenches Part 1

Updates and some in sight from a current pharmacy technician student.

Before we get to our guest writer, I want to thank all of the visitors and members of Pharmacy Technician HQ. I appreciate all of the questions and positive feedback. I have not quite hit my Continue reading

Pharmacy Technician July 4th Update

Happy 4th of July!!!

We are half way though 2012 and I cannot believe it! I hope you are doing well and if you are here, I hope I am being of service to you. A quick update on my doings: I am still the regional pharmacy director for my health-system. For my 400 bed hospital, I recently turned over my pharmacy operations manager and am pulling double duty. Fortunately my new operations manager starts next Monday. So it has been a little busier than normal. We are hiring a couple new pharmacy technicians and are interviewing tomorrow. If I learn anything you should not do in an interview (it seems like I often do), I promise to share.

Career Step training program update for July: For Utah people, Career Step is the first online training program approved in Utah. I thought that was pretty cool since Utah is traditionally a campus based only approval state. I believe the externship provided with Career Step helped seal the deal (and the excellent level of the modules, which I attribute heavily to the awesome pharmacist review). For July they are also offering 10% off their tuition (which is $1995). You can learn more on the Career Step page.

The PTCB Practice Quiz: Yes, I know it was only 4 questions, but I did add another 6 for a total of 10 questions. For the record, I put a lot of thought into the questions and make sure when you choose a wrong question, that you receive information why it is wrong so you can learn. I am planning to get this up to 25 by the end of the month and 50 by the end of August (it is called incremental progress). If you haven’t tried the quiz yet, it is under the certification tab at the top, or click here.

New School links: Pharmacy Technician HQ has partnered with a school listing company to provide targeted programs based on your geographical location. You can use the search feature in the right column to see schools around your zip code, or go to your state page for schools in your state.

In closing, school is over for the summer, but now is a good time to get a jump on your pharmacy technician training. Please let me know how I can help by leaving a comment on this page or using the contact tab above. Aloha, -Rob

Career Step Approved in Utah

Career Step recently approved in Utah

I recently spoke with one of the representatives at Career Step. They let me know that the externship program is fully operational. In addition, they were able to go to the Utah Board of Pharmacy in February and ask for approval for the pharmacy technician program. This means that the Utah folks can now complete their training online and then finish the externship at a pharmacy and become licensed in Utah. This is a pretty good accomplishment and provides for better educational opportunity in a fairly strict state. Next steps for them . . . get ASHP approval and they will be set, although from working on my thesis, this will be challenge. Best of luck.

Alligation – Pharmacy Technician Math Video

Yes, I have finally completed the first pharmacy technician math video. It is on alligation

Okay, before you say it . . . I am working on the handwriting. The Bamboo Pen and Pad is harder than it looks. Let me know what you think, and how I can improve.